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Free hiring guide, and recruitment audit with the SingleSprout team. SingleSprout specializes in engineering, product, and legal talent with 3-15 yrs of experience. Through our in-house dev team, we've homegrown and customized a database of 900,000+ candidates (up to 30 data points on each). We've automated outreach and with industry experience have a very efficient vetting process for these candidates (up to 80% of our candidates get accepted for interview). We have two different models - Contingency and Virtual RPO. Happy to see which best fits your needS. SingleSprout has made over 1000's placements at companies like Cockroach, Segovia, Ellevest, Goat, Oscar, Instacart, Sentry, Reonomy, Dashlane, Better Mortgage, and many more, among ~150 other companies.

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Once you press the button, an email will be sent to the SingleSprout team with your request and they will follow-up with you via email. Any additional updates will also be delivered to you via email. Please mention Builtfirst.

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How It Works

SingleSprout is a recruiting platform that combines cutting-edge technology with personalized service to create a meaningful experience for both candidates and high-growth companies.



Efficient Recruiting Technology: Utilizes best-in-class technology for an efficient experience in hiring candidates and companies.

White-Glove Service: Empowers recruiters to deliver exceptional service to candidates and high-growth companies.

Comprehensive Tools: Offers AI tools, social media enrichment, reporting suite, compliance features, and more.





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