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6 Months Free & **BRAND NEW** Global Offer

Save up to $5,250

Offer Details: Get 6 free months of Rippling on the products below and/or 3 months off of EOR when including your Global workforce, if added at the time of purchase. 6 months of free Payroll 6 months of free Employee Management 6 months of free Benefits Administration 6 months of free HR Software 6 months of free Device Management 6 months of free App Management 6 months of free Team Password Management 6 months of free Single Sign-On (SSO) 6 months of free FSA, HSA, and Commuter Benefits 6 months of free Learning Management Why Rippling? Unlike other solutions, only Rippling allows you to: - Manage your Global HR and IT in one place - Easily scale from 1 to 1,000+ employees, in over 150+ countries - Access higher quality, Fortune 500-level medical / dental / vision benefits — likely for *less than you pay today* — via our new PEO (which is an optional add-on). Our new PEO also makes it easier for you to hire remote employees across the US, as we handle all of your state-by-state compliance, like registering your co with each state. - Rippling Global includes an HRIS that adapts from country to country, a payroll system that adjusts to local currencies and auto-files taxes, tools to automate your global compliance for everything from sick leave to minimum wage laws, and a whole lot more.

Redemption instructions:
If needed, please speak directly with Raz Nimrodi to ensure you receive the discount for employee management platform.

Special Restrictions:
Offer Requirements - Up to $5,250 in value, EOR can be purchased separately with the applied discount - Must be a new Rippling client and redeem through the Builtfirst pre-approved referral channel to be eligible for this promotion. - Must be redeemed at time of original purchase. Cannot be added post purchase. - Discount does not extend to (1) 3rd party apps or (2) native products where Rippling has high fixed costs (ie PEO administration, insurance, inventory management) - Must contact Raz Nimrodi at

Available for new customers only

How It Works

Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage all of their HR, IT, and Finance — payroll, benefits, expenses, corporate cards, computers, apps, and more — in one unified workforce platform.



All-in-One HR Solution: Combines payroll, benefits, and PEO services for efficient management.

Customizable and Innovative: Offers unique features like device management and inventory management.

Global System Integration: Manages HR, IT, and finance in a single system for diverse workforces.


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